My print for the deluxe edition of the LPW book, a two colour letterpress print folded down the centre. The left side is a laser cut circle of acrylic, the gradient across it was caused by raising one side very slightly during the printing of the second colour. The right hand side is a circular composition of monotype lead ornaments, designed to be perfectly mathematically centred which allowed me to spin the design 180 degrees for the second colour to allow the creation of 2 distinct layers of overlapping colours. The design represents my experience with the event – I go to it with an empty brain (the left side of the print) and I return with my brain buzzing with inspiration (the right hand side of the print).

Please note these prints are folded down the centre.

Additional information

Dimensions 48 × 30 cm
Print Details

This is a hand printed letterpress print and due to the nature of the process there may be slight variations in colours, textures and placement.