I am running a poster design workshop this month at the LCBA, check out the details below

Attendees at this workshop will explore typographic poster design through the use of the LCBA’s collection of vintage wood type. After a brief introduction into the history of wood type production and usage, the attendees will be shown the correct way to compose, proof and print an edition of 10 A3 letterpressed posters. They will also be introduced to a variety of the different inking and compositional techniques available to poster artists. For the majority of the workshop, attendees will be able to talk through their ideas for a simple two colour poster and then receive guidance of how to use the LCBA’s type collection and presses to create a run of posters. At the end of the workshop attendees will leave with an edition of 10 A3 posters that they have printed.

This workshop is open to all levels, including beginners, and is perfect for people who may have attended our Letterpress Nights events previously. Attendees are asked to bring with them a few ideas for the poster design they would like to make. Paper and other consumables will be provided. Attendees may bring their own paper to print on if desired however it will need to be checked by the tutor before usage to ensure that it will run through the presses correctly.

More information at londonbookarts.eventbrite.co.uk