Print for Deluxe Edition of Letterpress Workers Experience Book

The 2014 Letterpress Workers International Summit saw the launch of the Letterpress Workers book which documents the last two years of events. The book is available on it’s own or as part of a pack which includes a selection of specially made prints by the participants. The book tells about the participants and shows the materials printed during these events. Hence the title: The experience. The book itself is a collective experience: the participants contributed to the production in different ways and at different times.The deluxe limited edition of 120 copies also includes a collection of 16 prints produced by the participants of the previous editions of Lpw and collected in a special box.

Shown here is my print for the deluxe edition of the book, a two colour letterpress print folded down the centre. The left side is a laser cut circle of acrylic, the gradient across it was caused by raising one side very slightly during the printing of the second colour. The right hand side is a circular composition of monotype lead ornaments, designed to be perfectly mathematically centred which allowed me to spin the design 180 degrees for the second colour to allow the creation of 2 distinct layers of overlapping colours. The design represents my experience with the event – I go to it with an empty brain (the left side of the print) and I return with my brain buzzing with inspiration (the right hand side of the print).